sunglass types

Aviator sunglasses have been one of the most popular styles for sunglasses since the 1970s. Developed discount oakley sunglasses flak jacket in 1937 and originally worn by commercial and Air Force pilots, their fame was established when celebrities started wearing them, including Tom Cruise in “Top Gun.” Today they might be worn by celebrities and aspiring stars, but they’re still a hit among pilots. Both men and women tinning wear aviator sunglasses.

Sunglasses reflect the individuality of whoever wears them. Men’s sunglasses have stayed much the same over spy camera sunglasses review the years, but resolute styles have been made popular through movies, like the squared-off style Tom Cruise wore in the 1983 movie “Risky Business,” or the Gargoyles that Arnold Schwarzenegger made stylish in the prime Terminator in 1984.

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